Welcome to [Our|Cornish|Home]

Well, here goes nothing. After dithering for several months since starting a little Instagram page, I’m finally here at my first blog post. I have to say, it’s very exciting! So, here is a little history about me, how I’ve arrived here and why. Eighteen months or so ago, my husband and I were handed the keys to our very.own.home. It still doesn’t feel completely real. Both of us are in our mid to late 20’s, so I know we’re incredibly lucky to have got our foot on the ladder pretty early.


Our house is a three bedroom, 80’s built, ex-council home. Say that to some people and their immediate reaction is a relatively sarcastic ‘oh, how lovely!’, but to us this meant plenty of space, and a lower price compared to many other homes in the area. And, living in rural Cornwall means that local authority estates are hardly full of burnt-out cars and drunks! But, it did mean that the decor and standard of finish left a lot to be desired. Textured wallpaper on all of the walls was hiding a multitude of sins, and the original 80’s kitchen was falling apart, never mind the state of the bathroom.

As a young couple on very average wages, the past eighteen months have been spent exploring ways to improve the look of our home, whilst keeping spending to a minimum. This hasn’t always been easy, but I have found it incredibly rewarding to know that we are not being wasteful and are using our ingenuity to create a home we can be proud of.

It is this rewarding feeling I hope to share with you through Our Cornish Home. Expect plenty of DIY (not always a good thing!), tips on shaving the costs of home decor, and photographs of our own progress along the way.

I hope you enjoy reading!




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