Happy New Year! It’s a Time For Change…


Happy New Year Guys! I hope that you all had a fantastic festive period and that you’re looking forward to the brand new year that’s ahead of us. January is the traditional time for making resolutions for change. As someone who finds themselves easily overwhelmed, I can be reluctant to tie myself into making drastic and sudden changes to daily life. So, instead I thought I’d share my little goals for the next 12 months. They’re not set in stone. Of course I’d love to achieve them all, but life often gets in the way. Being realistic about how much you can actually do will help prevent those ‘I still have so much to do!’ meltdowns that so often crop up and make you feel like a lazy slug.

  1. Restarting my studiesAll being well, I start my distance learning course in Interior Design this month. To say I’m excited is playing it down. I have 12 months to complete it, and I’m hoping that working it around my full-time job won’t be too difficult. I’ll be aiming to set aside time each week to focus on portfolio work, something which shouldn’t be difficult to gather evidence for with all the work we’re doing to the house! I’ll be updating the blog regularly with my progress, and would love to hear from anyone in a similar scenario or that I can use as a ‘guinea pig’ for my new found skills.
  2. Visiting new places. This is something that I really want to achieve this year. And I don’t even mean a new country or county. I have lived in Cornwall all my life, and yet I still feel like I haven’t really explored a lot of it. It’s all too easy to wake up on a day off, walk the dog in the same place we visit every week, and then come home. This year I want to get up early, pick a place we haven’t been, and just get in the car and go!
  3. Continuing our home renoOf course, home improvement was going to be somewhere on this list. And here it is! The biggie this year is going to be the bathroom. I will not end this year with a broken cold tap on the bath, and having to use the shower to cool down the bath water. Or a leaking bath seal, causing water to drip through the kitchen ceiling! Any other little projects will be a bonus, but as always I’ll be documenting them on the blog, cock-ups and all, and I hope you’ll come along for the ride.

So, what are your goals for the coming year?



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