Studying From Home

So, I have just finished the first assignment for my Interior Design course. It felt strange, but good! It’s been several years since I last studied anything, and back then I was a student in Marine Biology. I’m having to get used to a whole new way of learning and writing that involves reports, floorplans and moodboards, instead of scientific research and Harvard Referencing the hell out of everything.

So far though, I’m thoroughly enjoying the course content, and boring Mr T. to death with chat about Georgian interiors and ‘the 7 elements of interior design!’

For anyone who’s about to start a distance learning course, or that might be struggling, I’d recommend setting time aside in advance to focus on your studies. I’m having to be very disciplined with myself and make sure I do this, otherwise I’m a sucker for making excuses and procrastinating. Even half an hour a day of focus soon builds up over the week. And that’s the great thing about learning from home- you don’t need to sit through two-hour long seminars. You can pause when you need to and knuckle down again when it’s convenient, within reason!

For anyone who may be interested in a course in Interior Design, I’ll link below to the Academy I’m studying with. I’m also going to be on the lookout for ‘guinea pigs’ over the coming months, so if you’re in need of a moodboard or floorplan for a particular room, please do contact me.


Click here to read the course information for the Diploma in Professional Interior Design Skills on the National Design Academy’s website.


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