An Eco-Friendly, Upcycled, Home Office Space [Room Tour]

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The office is finished. Finally, totally and completely finished! And about bloody time too. This room has been a labour of love. Sanding, filling and swear words galore went into decorating this room. If you’re a regular reader you may remember that we jazzed up this space at the start of the year, and you can find the original post showing what we did here. We hit a few problems after this, which I went into a little in my last post. I won’t bore you with the details again, but it basically meant we had to start the room from scratch. Not good.

This time things were going to be done properly. We had a proper think about what exactly we needed from the space. I needed somewhere to sit properly, at a desk, and crack on with any design work in peace. We both like to read and listen to music, so we decided to incorporate a nook where we could sit quietly and relax, away from distractions like the telly or our phones. Lastly, we decided to set ourselves a little challenge- to use as many reclaimed, upcycled or second-hand materials as possible.

And here’s the result!

Office Space, Eco Friendly & Upcycled Materials

The office area is now the perfect space to sit and work. The desk was sourced from a Facebook selling site for next to nothing, and is actually a piece of solid wood worktop. I then sanded down the top, sealed it with some clear wax from Rustoleum, and added some funky hairpin legs from The Hairpin Leg Company. I’m so pleased with the result, and the fact it cost about £50 to make!

On top of the desk are two recycled drawers from our old wardrobe, which I’ve lined with pretty wallpaper. They now act as the perfect shelves to store design books & coursework. The metal filing cabinet beside the desk was found in a local antique store, is perfect for storing paperwork, and cost us £15. I love its battered & worn patina, and  the fact that it could probably tell a story or two.

The little gallery wall was created with budget frames from B&M, and most of the art inside them was sourced from the internet and printed at home. And if you’ve read my previous ‘how-to’ post, you’ll know that the corkboard is actually made out of cork floor tiles and mounting tape!

I have to mention good old Aldi here too. I’d been struggling to find a desk chair that I liked, and that was reasonably priced. I popped in to do my shopping one day and found that they were selling pairs of Scandi-style chairs for £15! I bought the two, and my Mum & I had one each, meaning my chair cost just £7.50.

Reading Nook

The best bit about this room is that we’ve managed to squeeze in a little reading nook. It’s so lovely to be able to sit here quietly of an evening, reading a book or listening to music.

We already had the leather armchair, which came as part of the second-hand set we have in our living room. Up until recently it had sat in storage, waiting for a little space where it could live in our home. Now it’s the perfect spot to curl up and have a sneaky nap.

I’d been on the hunt for some hexagonal display shelves for a while, and found these in one of my favourite shops, Flying Tiger. If you’ve never visited one of their stores, do it! They are a haven for picking up quirky, Scandi-inspired home accessories, and at a very reasonable price too. Their range changes frequently, so there is always something new each time you visit.

If you’re an interior geek, you know that everything is best in threes, and so I needed something to complete the pair of hex shelves. I stumbled across the mirror in The Range, and had to snap it up. It completes the set perfectly. This is also where I found the hanging lights, which are battery operated, and have been hung from the ceiling by a bog-standard net curtain hook. At night they do a great job of cosying up this little nook, which was in danger of feeling a little cold.

We painted the walls pure white, something which was going to be temporary, but is now staying. Over the last few weeks I’ve grown to love how much brighter the space feels because of them. We’ve kept the floorboards on show for now, and popped a couple of area rugs down to stop draughts and keep things warm underfoot.

So there you have it! We’re so pleased with the final result (and this better be the final time we decorate in here). I think we stepped up to our challenge of keeping costs down & reusing items wherever we could pretty well. We could have bought things new, but sourcing items and using your upcycling skills is all part of the fun of decorating.

Are you ready to try out your own decorating challenge? I’d love to hear your ideas, so why not pop a comment below!

K x



  1. Oh it looks amazing Kim!! I love your armchair and the whole look of the office, definitely worth the huge amount of work you put into it!!
    Peta x


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