3 Home-Bar Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank.

Hi you lovely lot! It’s been a while again. I’ve been really struggling the last few weeks to find the motivation to write new content. I thought going part time would allow me the time to blog more, as well as crack on with some projects around the house. What actually happened was the change in routine made me feel pretty out of sorts, and writer’s block hit pretty damn hard. But I’m getting there. I find I tend to think of ideas when I’m out and about, then forget them later in the day. To any other bloggers out there who are struggling with the same, I’d really recommend carrying a notebook to jot ideas down in, before they disappear from your head.


Today’s post is about home bars. Made popular in the 40’s & 50’s, they fell out of fashion in the later part of the 20th Century. Recently though they’ve had something of a revival. It’s not a shock really, with many of us pinching the pennies and entertaining at home rather than going out.  With space at a premium in many modern homes, bar carts are also a surprisingly hard-working piece that can be moved around to where needed. They can be found everywhere right now, from Oliver Bonas to Anthropologie, but you can expect a hefty price tag. With a little bit of know-how, there are ways you can create your own version for a fraction of the cost.

  1. Upcycle an Old Suitcase.
Suitcase Home Bar
This upcycled suitcase mini-bar is great for popping on a tabletop.

Vintage Suitcase Mini-Bar

Tight on space? That shouldn’t stop you being able to squeeze in a little bar somewhere! This tiny kid’s suitcase bar sits on top of the sideboard in our dining room, and is perfect for storing my husband’s favourite whiskies & glasses. It was originally used as a card box for our wedding, and all I’ve done is give it a clean and line it with some old doilies. You could easily do the same with a vintage apple crate, a wicker basket or perhaps even an old hat box. Have a dig around in your loft, and get creative!

2. Repurpose That Worn-Out Granny Trolley.

Gold Vintage Tea Trolley
A vintage tea trolley makes a fab home bar, and can be wheeled to where needed- even the garden!


I’d been searching for ages for a little tea trolley when I found this one, dusty and unloved at the back of a junk shop. I paid just £5 for it, and after giving it a good clean & polish it’s come up lovely and shiny again. We use it as a side table, and it’s great for wheeling around to where needed. At Christmas it did a great job of being an extra surface for nibbles & sides next to the dining table. As you can see, it also makes a great home bar! Style it with some vintage glassware, a bunch of flowers & some jar candles for a real old-fashioned tea party feel.

3. Jazz Up an Ikea Kallax Storage Unit.

Ikea Kallax Bar Cart Hack, Sara du Jour
Ikea Kallax Bar Cart Hack by Sara du Jour

I just love this Ikea Kallax hack by Sarah du Jour. It’s an inexpensive and really simple way of creating your own bar cart. Because the Kallax is such a blank canvas, you can really jazz it up and tailor it to your own interior style. Here Sara has painted the inner sides gold, and added some gold adhesive dots. She’s then grouped together some fab gold glassware & accessories, finished off with some gold wheels to make the cart mobile. For your own take on this, why not line the Kallax with some wallpaper samples and add some mismatched crystal glasses? Or cover the outside in some funky contemporary contact paper? It’s about creating a piece that reflects you and your personality, so have fun!

If you’d like to have a go at this hack, you can find Sara’s tutorial here.

And remember, drink responsibly ladies & gents!

K x



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