The Rise of the ‘Urban Jungle’ Generation: How House Plants Have Charmed Their Way Back Into Our Homes.

My love affair with plants kicked off a couple of years ago, when I visited an aquatic plant supplier in Denmark with work (also the start of my obsession with Scandinavia…). It introduced me to the world of aquascaping (underwater gardening for those who aren’t fish geeks like me!), and also made me realise that […]

Why Buying Second Hand Furniture Could Be Great For Your Bank Balance and the Planet

According to Waste Data Flow UK, 670,000 tonnes of furniture and 310,000 tonnes of textiles were left at the kerbside to be disposed of as waste in single year. And, a significant amount of this was reusable or recyclable. So, why as are nation are we so comfortable with just throwing things away? I think part of it […]